Brighton Puppetry School

Brighton Puppetry School

“Thank you for such a fantastic and creative weekend with you. I am a complete beginner to puppetry with no training at all and this workshop taught me so many valuable lessons that can turn anything into a living, breathing character!”

“Perfect group size; felt very intimate and that I could really get into everyone’s work in a meaningful way. Learnt so much from others practice and sharing, feedback was a big plus and I’m really glad we had space for this.”

“Lovely to use the static image, and then find a way to develop it in stages over the weekend, growing and expanding into a fully realised piece, with depth and history. Really loved the materials exploration and play aspect.”

“You created a safe and inspiring place to try out and perform new and unusual ideas that I may not have had the confidence doing in other environments.”

“A really great two days. Gently challenging, thought provoking and inspiring. Darren‘s wonderful enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and support made this a great course. Thank you”

“I found the course extremely useful, with a good varied mixture of exercises to help free up creativity”

“A really valuable and informative course, thank you”

“Tons of great technique, skills, ideas and practical advice about manipulating puppets, performance, meaning etc. So good! Will be invaluable to me + my ongoing development as a performer / writer / puppeteer.”

“I loved the practice we had with different processes using bags / own puppets / other’s puppets. Other’s feedback also really useful + other’s eyes on our process.
This was an amazing 2 days. Excited about applying what I’ve learned. Some alchemy has happened.”

“Excellent. Great Enthusiasm. Real passion, knowledge and skill.”

“I think it was brilliantly pitched. I didn’t know this was your first – (You’d never guess!).
Great support + empathy + feedback. Can’t wait to do more work with you guys in future.

“Thank you. It’s nice to get direct feedback.”

“A wonderful experience! Thanks.”

“You are amazing. You opened a door for our group development.”

“Voice and how it relates was amazing. Open honest feedback space felt safe and constructive. Opportunity to try different puppets.
Brilliant weekend, I learned lots, I’m totally reconnected. thank you!!”

“The pace / dynamics of day was good. Darren + Isobel bring good balance of ideas and approaches – v positive + enthusiastic teaching.”