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11 July 2021 / Sunday 10 – 5pm making, 7pm – 9pm performing, on Zoom / £100

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** You will need to purchase materials in advance – see list below

So you’ve always wanted to run away with the circus…? Here’s your chance! Whether lion tamer, high wire act, or super strong person, now you can!

Indulge yourself in the ridiculous art of humanettes and super-power yourself with extra-flexible legs and bendy arms just imagine what amazing circus stunts you could get up to! The ultimate verstaile solo performance which transforms you into a hilarious and versatile solo puppet, come and discover the wonder and silliness of this joyous puppet form.

Humanettes attach around your neck, your puppet has your face and a mini puppet body attached, the creative possibilities are endless and opportunities for hilarity endless.

Stay on in the evening (if you like) to work out your act!

Image: Mademoiselle Lycee by Aya Nakamura,


I’m looking forward to meeting you and leading you through the process to make an extraordinary humanette.
Please email me directly on if you have any questions or concerns.

Body and limbs – cardboard brown box type to make skeleton, wide ribbon/tape/elastic to secure puppet around your neck.
Finger bandage – for puppet arms and legs. When stuffed it shrinks up to about half it’s length so get plenty From
Body – wrist tubular bandage From
Sewing kit: Fabric scissors, pins, needle and thread, white or cream for joining body to arms and legs. Coloured threads if you have them for clothing the puppet.
Stuffing.  Man-made or natural. (Pillow or cushion pad innards are a cost-effective alternative)
OPTIONAL VERY USEFUL Hot glue-gun and sticks (for quicker and easier attaching of clothing and adornments than sewing (From DIY stores).
Acrylic Paints,(only) If you want to paint details on hands feet and costumes. 
Controllers. Wooden kebab sticks (2, from supermarkets) or equivalent piece of dowling. For arm controllers

Clothing. Small pieces of whatever you have to hand and would like your puppet to wear.
I recommend nothing too bulky or thick that would inhibit your puppet’s movement. Fabric with a slight stretch is good to work with, coloured tights, old tea-shirts, vests and knickers (which often have tiny patterns on too) are great. Sneaky tricks: a striped, sparkly or patterned sock makes a fantastic tank-top. Toe ends of socks or tights make superb little hats. Keep an eye out for tiny details which can be appropriated for your puppet, e.g. narrow bra straps make great belts and braces. A cuff and bit of sleeve from a shirt or thin cardigan can make an instant skirt with waistband. Pockets make great aprons.The most important thing always is that the clothes don’t restrict the puppet’s movement.

Puppet’s Face, will be your face, consider the character and appropriate costume props, eg: helmet, fabulous wig, make-up, glitter, hat, feathers, headers etc … please feel free to email me directly if you need more advice.

x isobel x

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