QuixoticCircus-2-2-smallestPart of Brighton Puppetry School’s Quixotic Circus
9 July / Friday 10am-5pm / £75

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An introduction to working with moving-mouth (lipsync) puppetry.

In the morning, you’ll make flea-circus sock-puppets, ready to chat, and a pair of eyeballs (ideal for training).

In the afternoon, we’ll begin with the basic mechanics, then add in focs and other puppet action. Then some tips on working to camera (as these puppets often do). And acting and reacting – building scenes with another character. 

And we’ll finish by (in time-honoured BPS Summer School tradition) learning and performing a preposterously orchestrated show tune. All together. On Zoom. What could possibly go wrong?

It’s possible to book for either half of this course if you prefer – contact us for details.


For flea socks:
A Sock, stripy, spotty or plain
Stuffing, wool or manmade, pillow or cushion pads are cost effective.
Felt, fabric scraps, wool, ribbons whatever you have for features and trims.
Pipe cleaners +/or old plastic milk bottle for legs antennae …
Small piece of cardboard for moving mouth
Acrylic paints if you have (for eyes – glue and stick if you prefer). 
Strongly recommend a 
Hot glue gun and glue sticks, from hardware store or DIY store, speeds things up.

For eyes:
Cardboard, brown corrugated 
Glue gun (or PVA glue and tape)
Acrylic paints or felt/fabrics to define the eyes



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The Quixotic Circus