15 April 2021 / One day on Zoom 11am – 6pm BST / £70 / CREATING

Distil the essence of a script or story to present in visual form.

Puppetry and puppets are the perfect medium for translating words into meaning through visuals and action.
This one day course examines how to distil the essence of a script, story or piece of text into visual form.
We will look at how to express narrative without the use of spoken words. The techniques will be useful for puppeteers, theatre makers, visual artists and writers. You will be guided step by step through the process and have the opportunity to share your findings with the group.

Materials listed below.

Led by acclaimed puppetry artist, coach and RCA Graduate, Isobel Smith

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For this course you will need plenty of plain A4 paper. Photocopy paper is ideal.
A pencil/pen and some coloured pens or highlighters

A favourite short story or excerpt of a story or text. The technique you will learn will transfer easily to other texts.

Some multiples of things, anything you have around: sticks, forks, teabags, cups, string, paper clips – anything you have a few of. Multiples of 2 different items would be great