The Stories Puppets Want to Tell

18 – 19 April 2020 / 2 x Half Days / £80 / CREATING

What sort of stories are puppets best at telling? How do the puppets we work with affect the stories we can tell through them? This course is for creatives with a story to tell … or for those with a puppet who are wondering where to begin.

We’ll explore puppetry’s unique powers and formal gifts, techniques for playing with stories as a writer and a visual theatre maker and the impact puppetry can have on your stories.

This double session aims to unlock the stories you – as a maker, artist or creative – want to tell and the ways puppets you have or puppets you might imagine can help you best bring them to life.

Come with a story, an idea and a puppet and leave with the understanding of how puppetry can animate it.

Led by Producer / Dramaturg / theatre maker Beccy Smith