Talking Heads

Weekend 27 & 28 May / £95 / MAKING

Talking Heads (Moving Mouth Puppets): a weekend course to make a moving mouth puppet. With one hand operating the puppet’s head and the second as the puppet’s hand this type of puppet is perfect for delivering speech and gesture most effectively and you will leave with a really unique character of a puppet.

From concept and design to structure and detail this weekend will guide you through the processes and techniques necessary to make a ready-to-talk puppet that’s colourful, dynamic and easy to bring to life.

Led by Isobel Smith you will make a head with effective jaw structure, torso and arms. Using cardboard, leather, pipe-insulation, glue and paint you will draw, sculpt, stick and stitch your puppet into being.

None of the processes used require specialist equipment or tools and you will leave the course with a host of transferable puppet making techniques for your future puppet projects.

This course is most suited to people with some experience of puppet making who wish to further add to their skills and making techniques.

Led by Isobel Smith.

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