Tabletop Puppetry

1 Day 4 March 2017 / £55 / PERFORMING

Rather than the multi-puppeteer technique that is often referred to as tabletop puppetry (for an introduction to those skills, see our Multi-operator Puppetry course) this course will look at the tools and opportunities of setting your puppetry work on its own playing space – a table, but it doesn’t have to be a table – whether that’s solo work or group operating.

It means your puppet has its own theatre, and potentially its own world: how are puppets and worlds constructed together? What about the edges of that world? What is the relationship between the puppet’s world and the outside world, and between the puppet and operator in this form?

This intensive one-day course will give you some key puppetry skills for contemporary puppet performance; it should also give you lots of ideas for new tabletop puppetry performance.

This course will be led by Darren East

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