Solo Puppet Making

Weekend 25 & 26 Feb 2017 / £95 / MAKING 

Complete this weekend course to make a puppet especially suitable for the joys and challenges of performing solo.

With one hand committed to the puppet’s head the other hand will provide the rest of the puppet’s movement. We will discuss the particular challenges that this throws up and design puppets to allow solo performers to get the best movement from their puppet.

From design to structure and joints this course will guide you through the processes and techniques necessary to make a fully functional puppet that can be moved exquisitely with just one pair of hands.

Led by Isobel Smith you will design the puppet’s structure, make head, hands and a cloaked body before adding controllers and bringing your unique puppet to life. Using quick papier-mâché techniques, leather, wood, fabric, glue and paint you will draw, sculpt, stick and sew your puppet into being. (may need some finishing at home, full instructions will be given).

You will leave the course with a great solo puppet, and making techniques to transfer to your future puppet projects.

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