Weekend 7 & 8 Nov 2015 / £95 / CREATING

The emphasis of this course will be on objects and light in motion, and open-ended play and discovery rather than making a show.
Students will make installations from objects and materials provided and explore the effects of animating them with light upon a screen. You will experiment with moving objects / static light and still objects with moving light sources.

Treat yourself to a weekend of creative shadow play. This course will provide a safe environment to try new ideas, take creative risks and open up the possibilities of working with light and shadows under the encouraging watchful eye of course leader Isobel Smith.

There will be opportunities to work with an Overhead Projector (OHP) and play with the effects of different materials including sand, oil and water upon the projected shadows.
You can explore your body distorted by light and by cardboard interventions.

This course is most suited to people who wish to shake up their practice, improve their skills and explore the possibilities of using shadow in their performance and creative practice.

Led by Isobel Smith.

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