Puppetry Workout

8 x Tuesday Evenings 4 October – 29 November 2016 / £175 / PERFORMING 

‘Really useful to have a good varied mixture of support for my own work, and exercises to help free up creativity’


Why not spend your autumn enjoying regular evening sessions carefully designed to strengthen your puppetry performance skills? This course responds to a number of requests we had last year to offer training for people who want to take a more sustained focus on working with their own puppets, or build up their performance skills with new figures.

Get to grips with a puppet that’s been waiting at home, or work with ours to try your hand with a range of the sort of puppets you’ve always wanted to feel confident working with.

Each week we will warm up and explore a range of puppetry exercises that work on body and mind to increase your puppetry fitness and gradually build up strong and confident manipulation skills.

These will be sessions packed with fun, new ideas, and approaches you can take away to immediately improve your puppetry. Whether you are new to puppetry or want to refresh your existing skills, you’ll leave with loads of new tools and the confidence to work with your own, and any other puppets you might want to play with.

A gym session for your puppetry!


Participants should finish the course with developed puppetry skills, experience with a range of different puppets, and lots of new ideas for puppetry performance.

Led by Darren East.

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