Puppetry Fundamentals

Weekend 25 & 25 Sept 2016 / £95 / PERFORMING 

‘A really good course, with complex ideas clearly and interestingly communicated – it was fun and enjoyable, I loved it.’

‘This has definitely given me the confidence to take on puppetry work and study further’

One of our most popular courses: a weekend introducing the core skills of puppetry.

We will explore essentials like breath, impulse, focus, animation, and look at solo and multiple manipulation of puppets, to give you a solid foundation for your puppetry skills, with exercises that you can apply to a whole range of puppetry types.

No experience necessary – the course will introduce the ways of bringing puppets and objects to life, to start to develop meaningful manipulation that is expressive and emotionally truthful.

Suitable for anyone interested in working with puppets – actors who want to add skills; playworkers, teachers, therapists and anyone interested in using puppets in other contexts; beginners who are intrigued by the possibilities of puppetry; or more experienced performers looking for a refresher on the key skills.

Puppets and objects to work with will be provided although you are welcome to bring your own figures that you are working with, or intending to work with.

The course will be led by Darren East.

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