Puppetry and Music

13 April 2019 / 1 Day / £75 / PERFORMING


Puppetry and music go together brilliantly.

Music can help extend and inspire puppet manipulation and gesture; music can challenge the rhythms of puppetry and reveal new moods, impulses and characters.

In performance, music can drive action, underscore shifting emotions, work in counterpoint to what is seen, express space and place, be an additional character… and much more.

There are pitfalls, too: music can sometimes overwhelm stage action, or double-up storytelling and feel hectoring to an audience.

Suitable for puppeteers (or prospective puppeteers) wanting to explore new ways of working, musicians or singers looking to learn about puppetry, and puppetry directors. We’ll spend a day with play and with rigorous exploration, using a range of different puppets and a breadth of musical forms.

Please bring with you:
Puppets you are working with (although we will also have plenty to explore here);
A piece or two of recorded music you are interested in using (on your phone is fine, or in most formats – get in touch if you need advice about this);
A song you’d like to sing or a musical instrument you can play (if you like!).

The course will be led by Darren East, award-winning puppetry director with Third Hand Opera, British Youth Opera and TouchedTheatre.



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