24-25 April 2021 / Weekend on Zoom  / £110 / MAKING 

** You will need to purchase materials in advance – see list below

Go large! 3D drawing in willow.

This technique allows you to easily translate 2D drawings into fabulous 3D. Willow is a fantastic and versatile material for making huge structures that are very light … perfect for processional puppets!
You can decide wether to keep the open look of the willow drawing or cover your puppet / sculpture with a tissue paper skin.

Led by acclaimed puppetry artist, coach and RCA Graduate, Isobel Smith

Enquiries and Bookings


I’m looking forward to meeting you and leading you through the process to make a beautiful puppet.
Please email me directly on if you have any questions or concerns.
You will need:

Willow Withies

Masking Tape

2 Long Garden Canes (if you want to lift the puppet high above your head)

And if you want to cover the structure in tissue skin:
Wet strength tissue paper 

PVA Glue 

A decorator’s paintbrush
Plastic sheet or cut open dustbin bag to paste on
Table or board that your happy to get PVA glue on (top it with cardboard)
Water to thin the PVA and container to mix PVA and water in.
Paper, pencils.
Large sheets of paper (newsprint, wallpaper, brown paper, sugar paper) to draw your design to scale.

Suggested suppliers and links:
WILLOW (these are available for less / smaller quantities elsewhere)

3KG unstripped brown, green and buff willow
5 foot lengths
£36.40 (£4.95 delivery)
(You don’t need the three colours, I get from art saver because I have an account with them and they usually have in stock/deliver fast)

60 sheets wet strength tissue paper white £12.54 (free delivery)

PVA Glue / medium. minimum amount 500ml £7.99 
(Get from craft shops, DIY shops)