Multi-Operator Puppetry

1 Day 13 November 2016 / £55 / PERFORMING 

It’s one of the most exciting and mysterious aspects of the puppetry art: a group of puppeteers working together to give total life to one fully articulated figure.

Drawing primarily on the classic bunraku-inspired three-person form that is most popular today, we will cover the key skills and principles for this kind of puppetry, including breath, focus, and fixed point; and spend time looking at how to develop the special kind of communication that teams of puppeteers need to produce a convincing single shared character.

We’ll look at the particular challenges and possibilities of this kind of puppetry – working around the performance space, each other, and the audience; improvising together; working with text and music.

This intensive one-day course will give you some key puppetry skills for contemporary puppet performance, and a strong understanding of group puppet manipulation.

This course will be led by Darren East

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