Meaningful Movement

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March 2015  /  £95  /  FULLY BOOKED
(This course has ended. Please check the website for upcoming courses.)


Meaningful Movement: a weekend course exploring the techniques to effectively articulate yourself through puppetry and developing original material to tell your own stories.

Lead by Darren East and Isobel Smith, this course will share a number of ways into making strong, emotionally truthful, visual material with puppets. From technical and analytic methods to exploratory, open-ended discovery, puppetry lends itself to drawing on a wide range of creative approaches. This short course will help you find the ones that work best for you, and give you confidence to use them effectively.

You will leave with a rich toolbox of ways to make powerful puppetry performance material, and developed puppetry skills for putting it into action. There will be some space to apply your new skills to a puppetry project you have in mind, and/or with your own puppets.

This course is most suited to people with some experience of puppetry, or with ideas of ways they would like to use puppets. Keen beginners are also welcome.

STUDENT FEEDBACK for Meaningful Movement 28 &29 March 2015:
“Tons of great technique, skills, ideas and practical advice about manipulating puppets, performance, meaning etc. So good!
Will be invaluable to me + my ongoing development as a performer / writer / puppeteer.”

“I loved the practice we had with different processes using bags / own puppets / other’s puppets. Other’s feedback also really useful + other’s eyes on our process.
This was an amazing 2 days. Excited about applying what I’ve learned. Some alchemy has happened.”

“Excellent. Great Enthusiasm. Real passion, knowledge and skill.”

“I think it was brilliantly pitched. I didn’t know this was your first – (You’d never guess!).
Great support + empathy + feedback. Can’t wait to do more work with you guys in future.

“Thank you. It’s nice to get direct feedback.”

“A wonderful experience! Thanks”

“You are amazing. You opened a door for our group development.”

“Voice and how it relates was amazing. Open honest feedback space felt safe and constructive. Opportunity to try different puppets.
Brilliant weekend, I learned lots, I’m totally reconnected. thank you!!”

“The pace / dynamics of day was good. Darren + Isobel bring good balance of ideas and approaches – v positive + enthusiastic teaching.”