30 NOVEMBER 2018 / 1 DAY / £60 / PERFORMING

This short course will look at ways of performing alongside your puppet character. We’ve found this a very powerful form for making solo work: you, and your puppet. Students have previously made very successful short shows in this way.

The course will give you specific skills for swapping and sharing focus between your puppet character, and you as performer or storyteller. We’ll look at stories that this form particularly suits, and how to make strong choices about the characters and events that you use. We’ll look at how choices of the type and scale of puppet you use effect the stories you tell and the emotional journies you undertake with your audience. And we’ll explore the particular relationships with audience that this form brings.

We will provide puppets that you can use, but to get the most out of this one day it would be good if you come with some idea of the story you want to tell, and/or the characters or puppets you’re interested in. If you have a puppet you want to work with, please bring it with you.