Making Glove Puppets

Weekend 3 & 4 Feb * TBC 2017 / £95 / MAKING 

Mention ‘puppet’ and to many this means Punch and Judy – perhaps the most infamous of glove puppets!On this super-creative weekend course you will make your own iconic glove puppet character.

Using modelling, fast paper-mache, sewing, painting and gluing techniques you will make a glove puppet that not only looks great but will be well designed to perform effectively.

Led by Isobel Smith you will design the puppet’s structure, make head and hands using modelling and paper-mache techniques, stitch a glove-body and stick, glue and paint your puppet character into being.
You will leave the course with a fantastic glove puppet and puppet making techniques to transfer to your future projects.

Led by Isobel Smith.

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