12, 13 & 20 September 2020 / Three Days on Zoom / £125 / MAKING

Create a beautiful handcrafted puppet of your own design from items most people have around their home!
In this tabletop inspired online puppet making course, you will learn to use everyday items to make a beautifully crafted puppet and develop your making techniques to discover new ways of building puppets.

This innovative puppet making workshop was designed during Lockdown by Fagner
Gastaldon (the tutor of our sell out Lambe Lambe courses) to enable people of all abilities tomake a puppet at home, without the need of shopping for items or buying expensive equipment.

This course allows you to make a uniquely crafted puppet character suitable for tabletop performances or as a wonderful gift or item to cherish.

No specialist tools are required for this online three day workshop and all levels from complete beginners to professional puppet makers are able to participate and achieve the creation of a brilliant puppet character.

The only items you will need to have available for this course are a needle and thread, pva glue and scissors. You will be sent the one small tool you need in the post to do this course. You will also be given a list of household recycling to collect ahead of the course starting.

Led by guest tutor, Fagner Gastaldon

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