8-9 DECEMBER 2018 / 2 HALF DAYS / £75 / CREATING

Explore the art of adaptation in this intensive, fun course digging in to the ways puppetry and visual theatre can transform stories and ideas into new shapes and forms.  Whether you are intreated in making work drawn from memoir, documentary, fairytale or literature, these hands on workshops will offer some fascinating keys in to unlock both the theory and practice of adaption with puppets.

We will consider classic stories, and look at some of the formal approaches to adapting work for performance; discover puppetry’s special qualities to transforming material on stage, and practically explore approaches to using puppetry to adapt your work.

We will also give some sustained focus to your own practice, and look at the ways you might adapt an existing project or one you have in mind to exploit puppetry’s unique dramatic opportunities.

This inspiring and energising two days will give you the tools and the vision to make evocative, witty puppetry adaptations of all kinds of source material.