Brighton Puppetry School is run by established puppeteers and theatre makers and offers the professional training that we feel will empower you to develop your puppetry skills, both in the theatre or art industries, or in other professional contexts (such as play therapy or teaching), or as a successful hobby. You can follow a strand of courses focused on one of our three core approaches, or work across them all for a 360º skill-up in puppetry.

Our programme is structured around these three core approaches to puppetry:
1. PERFORMING: Training in animation and stage skills to bring different types of puppets to convincing life, including essential puppetry principles (e.g. breath work) and sessions focussed on specific techniques e.g. moving mouth or actors voice work. Workshops for all those seeking to perform in any context using puppetry.
Follow THIS LINK for courses focusing mainly on performance skills
2. CREATING: Techniques for effectively generating and shaping material using all forms of puppetry. Devising, writing, creative play: these workshops will give you the skills to make the work you want.
Follow THIS LINK for courses focusing mainly on content generation
3. MAKINGPractical sessions teaching all aspects of making different puppet types adapted to your individual vision. You will leave with your own ready-to-work puppet.
Follow THIS LINK for courses focusing mainly on puppet making

We also offer courses supporting the behind-the-scenes business of puppetry:
BUSINESS/MENTORINGTraining, support and workshops for the business and production of puppetry.
Follow THIS LINK for courses focusing mainly on business and mentoring.

Each course is structured as complete and stand alone training, but some have also been designed to complement each other and develop skills and ideas further.

Taking part in any Brighton Puppetry School course will offer new skills, methods and perspective on this diverse and fascinating art form. Should you chose to take all our courses across the academic year you will leave us with a solid and comprehensive training in puppetry, unique to us and not available anywhere else.

Brighton Puppetry School also has strong industry links in Brighton and London and can offer performing opportunities for participants during the course of the year, as well as coaching and advice for artists seeking to launch and develop professional puppetry careers through this training. Please CONTACT US for further info.

In addition each term we hold informal get-togethers where you can meet fellow puppetry enthusiasts and experts to further support and inspire your passion for puppetry.
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We are looking forward to working with you.

Isobel, Darren, Beccy and the BPS team.