Lambe Lambe Weekend

27 – 28 June 2020 / Weekend / PLUS perform on 12 July 2020 / £135 / CREATING

Join award-winning Brazilian puppeteer and maker, Fagner Gastaldon, to create your very own Lambe Lambe world and performance in one inspiring weekend.

Described by artist Álvaro Apocalypse as “A última grande invenção do teatro de animação no mundo,” or “The last great invention of animation theatre in the world,” Teatro Lambe Lambe is a form of puppetry or shape animation that takes place inside a confined but easily transportable space, usually a box placed on a tripod, for one spectator to watch at a time. Popularised by Brazilian artists Ismini Lima and Denise Santos in the 1980s, this special art form provides you as an artist with a portable and unique performance, inviting your audience to look inside a magical box.

Over the course of one weekend you will design, storyboard and create your Lambe Lambe experience. The shows are traditionally short, usually two to three minutes in length, and can employ a whole variety of techniques and tricks within these miniature theatres to offer spectators the full variety of puppet art, just on a smaller scale.

Then, after a week or so in which you can finalise and finesse your piece, come back on 12 July for a chance to share your work with an audience alongside the Brighton Puppetry Summer School performance!

Teatro Lambe Lambe can range from shadow puppetry, object manipulation or micro marionettes right through to miniature bunraku-style shows and to rod style puppetry all on a miniature scale: all forms are possible on this very special guest artist’s weekend.



Fagner Gastaldon began clowning and puppeteering for children in hospitals while studying a degree in psychology and decided then to pursue his passion for puppets full time. Since then Fagner has worked with many companies both in Brazil and the UK, toured internationally, and built, created and performed much of his own work. Fagner specialises in making puppets and performing Teatro Lambe Lambe (Puppet box theatre), glove puppetry and table top theatre as well as being an accomplished mask performer. He runs his own award-winning touring puppetry company Puppetsoup from Wales.


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