2020 COURSES: We are running a special series of remote courses on Zoom for autumn 2020. MAKE AN ONLINE PUPPETRY SHOW / CREATING 10 September (intro session); 24 September – 19 November (no class 29 October), 9 x Thursday Evenings on Zoom / £250 MAKE A PUPPET AT HOME / MAKING 12, 13 & 20 … Continue reading DIARY


Brighton Puppetry School is run by established puppeteers and theatre makers and offers the professional training that we feel will empower you to develop your puppetry skills, both in the theatre or art industries, or in other professional contexts (such as play therapy or teaching), or as a successful hobby. You can follow a strand of … Continue reading ABOUT OUR COURSES


For the rest of autumn 2020 we’ll be running courses remotely, using Zoom. While we will miss having students in the room with us, one bonus is that you can join these courses without travelling, from wherever you are in the world. For daytime courses, teaching time will generally be between 10am and 6pm each … Continue reading REMOTE COURSES


PERFORMING: Training in animation and stage skills to bring different types of puppets to convincing life including essential puppetry principles (e.g. breath work) and sessions focused on specific techniques e.g. moving mouth or actors’ voice work. Workshops for all those seeking to perform in any context using puppetry. PERFORMING COURSES ARE LISTED BELOW: GLOVE PUPPETRY / … Continue reading PERFORMING


CREATING: Techniques for effectively generating and shaping material using all forms of puppetry. Devising, writing, creative play: these workshops will give you the skills to make the work you want. CREATE A PUPPETRY SHOW / CREATING 15 OCT – 10 DEC 2019 / 8 x Tuesday Evenings / £195 PUPPETRY AND THERAPY / CREATING 23 … Continue reading CREATING


MAKING: Practical sessions teaching all aspects of making different puppet types adapted to your individual vision.  You will leave with your own ready-to-work puppet.   AUTUMN TERM 2019 PUPPETS IN A SUITCASE / MAKING 23 – 24 November 2019 / Weekend / £125 VINTAGE GLOVE PUPPETS / MAKING 25 – 26 JAN 2020 / Weekend … Continue reading MAKING


BUSINESS: Training, support and workshops for the business and production of puppetry.


SUMMER SCHOOL / MAKING / CREATING / PERFORMING 6 – 12 JULY 2020 / 6 DAYS FULL TIME / Monday Evening – Sunday Evening / £535 “A brilliant, bonkers week packed with world-class teaching and a well-rounded curriculum covering all we needed and more, resulting in a proper, touching show. Highly recommended.” Bringing together all three core strands of our training – puppetry performance, … Continue reading *SUMMER SCHOOL*


Shows and Events Throughout the year there will be opportunities to catch the latest Brighton Puppetry School’s students work. Friends, fans and puppetry people all welcome. Networking Join our Facebook page: @brightonpuppetryschool and meet fellow students, experts, fans and friends, share ideas and hear about upcoming courses and meet-ups.  

Previous Courses

These are courses that Brighton Puppetry School has run already. Keep an eye on our courses page for the latest courses booking now. Please contact us to join our mailing list.