COMING SOON: Two great new courses from Brighton Puppetry School


Six Tuesday evenings 14th April – 19th May / £120
(book both courses together for a 20% discount)

Puppets for the Small Stage: a course over six evenings to make a performance-ready mid-sized puppet to your own design.
From design and character to structure and joints, this course will guide you through the processes and techniques necessary to make a fully functional jointed puppet ready to take away and put to work on the small stage.


Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 May / £95
(book both courses together for a 20% discount)

This focused and intensive course will take participants through some key methods for making quality performance material with puppets. It is suitable for participants with puppet(s) they are interested in working with, and some initial thoughts of a story they’d like to tell, or ideas they’d like to express through their work.